iRazzo Review - Legit Site Like Swagbucks

- 8/12/2021

InstaGC and Swagbucks are still heavy hitters, but iRazoo has some serious potential. Apart from being a bit busy, navigation is pretty straightforward for most of the site. On their website, you can easily find tasks. There are clearly laid out sections to help you earn points easily. Click the dollar sign ($) and you'll be presented with a drop-down menu of options from offers from videos to games, and more. If you are installing the toolbar, one of the easiest ways to earn points is to search for things. Of course, you might not need another website that offers search points like Swagbucks. How much can a person search in a day, right? But there are many other ways to earn points, including playing games. I always love it when websites offer something that is a little more fun than surveys to collect points. Makes for a nice to break in the monotony with something a little different and fun.

Sign Up Difficulty: Easy

Time Spent Daily: 10 minutes or less

Payout Method: Gift Cards (Amazon, Walmart, iTunes, etc)

Minimum Payout Threshold: $5

Points for Referrals: 50 points for signup plus matching points earned on searches

Tasks: Surveys, Shopping, Search


  • You will receive 600 points just for registration!
  • You will only earn points if you log in every day in a row.
  • Adjust points based on your recommendations.
  • You can play games to earn points.
  • Open to most countries, not just the US!


  • The design of the website is too busy.
  • The point system is a bit confusing. Just for example $5 is equal to 3000 points.


A GPT site like IRazoo isn't the best out there, but if your income-producing method relies upon signing up for a lot of sites like Swagbucks, then you could benefit from joining this rewards site. Be warned though, the site can be overly busy, including pop-ups. Regarding their search rewards, you can go a long time without seeing any rewards just from searching. Thus far I still believe it's worth using the search bar to earn points since it's so easy. Playing games is another great way to earn points that don't feel like working. Not to mention the fact that you're getting points just to log in. So, literally, all you have to do to earn a few points is log in every day, play a few games, search for a few things, and log out. These things don't take long to do and it adds up over time, especially when iRazoo is paired with other earning sites like Swagbucks. It's probably not the top site out there like this, but it's not a bad addition to your earnings either.

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