Why Cashcrate Shut Down Its Service

- 4/01/2019

Why Cash Crate Shut Down

Sadly On 1 April 2019 CashCrate shut down its reward site. (No this was not an April fools joke.) If visit the site's old URL you will find that it had now become an online reward site directory. This is fine and all but when you consider it was once one of the top reward sites online it's a little sad. 

According to Cashcrate, the reason for the shut down was their reward site model was no longer profitable. This is what has led to the downfall of most failed rewards sites over the years.

Controversial Shut Down

Sadly members who had not reached the minimum cashout levels could not redeem their balance for the last payment. The Cash Crate GPT program portion of the Website was disconnected. For these balances, Cashcrate did not even offer to issue final payment. They simply left their users high and dry. The current state of the website is mainly designed to just earn referrals. The website obviously is no longer the reward site it once was.

How The Site Used To Work

Cash Crate allows you to make money in a variety of ways, including offers, surveys, videos, and games. They even added a cashback shopping section to the site, which is very popular on GPT sites. Cash Crate is great for anyone who wants to get started with GPT websites as it provides a lot of information about how to use GPT websites. There are tutorials and videos that explain how it works and how to complete the tasks. It's also very transparent about how much income you'll earn for each task you complete, using dollars instead of calculating points.

The other really great thing they are transparent regarding their user's income. The website has an income wall where you can post the checks you receive. The website has made a lot of money in total since it was launched in 2006. Currently, total revenue is close to $ 4 million. Second, the website is laid out in a very intuitive way, making it easier to navigate. There's nothing worse than browsing the GPT website and not finding what you're looking for. Maybe my favorite aspect of this reward is regarding the offers they feature. When you can participate in many surveys and other offers you get a chance to win gift cards or even money.

Sign Up Difficulty: Easy
Time Spent Daily: 15-20 minutes
Payout Method: Check or Gift cards (Visa, Target, Amazon)
Minimum Payout Threshold: $20
Points for Referrals: 20% of what they make, 10% on their referrals + $3 bonus after they earn $10
Tasks: Surveys, Offers, Shopping

Tip: Tell your friends about this site. And Make sure they also tell their friends. You get 10% of what they earn too!


  • You get $1 just to register.
  • Organized web design for easy navigation.
  • Everything is listed in the number of dollars, not points which can be hard to understand.
  • They have been rewarding users since 2006.
  • You can watch videos to get points.


  • The payment threshold is a little higher than some other sites at $20.
  • It’s a little confusing that you can earn cash as well as points, but you get used to it


Cash Crate is a solid GPT site with lots of offers. It is a really great website if you are not familiar with GPT websites as they will teach you how to use their website. They also have pretty easy navigation to navigate. This reward website also makes things easier. They also have one of the best referral programs out there because they not only give you money for your referrals but for their referrals as well. It's a great way to encourage. It is a little strange that you can earn cash for some tasks and points for others, but you get used to the system. Some people may like you working toward two goals, a check, and a gift card, so it's really a matter of preference.

Can No Longer Sign up for Cash Crate

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