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- 2/18/2021

Unable to find the quiz answers you are looking for? The good news this is where you can submit a request for help. But before you go any further please search for the quiz in question in our search bar to make sure you have not overlooked it. You can also find a list of quiz guides on this page as well to help make things even easier.

Important Note: Even if you are not a Swagbucks user you can still contribute.  As long as you are a user of a GPT site you can still be a part of this site. Since many GPT sites share the same offerwalls. However, since Swagbucks is now global I think everyone should be using it. For those that are new, I think you may really benefit from taking a look at our Swagbucks Guide.

You can request quiz answers simply by commenting below and giving us the quiz name, offerwall, and link to the quiz you are looking for.

Please submit your comment in the below format. 

Quiz Name: (Quiz Name)
OfferWall: (OfferWall You Found It On)
Link: (Link to the Quiz)

The following is an example of how to use the format above. 

Quiz Name: Name This Disney Movie
OfferWall: Adgate

After following the above steps you should see your answer guide within 1-2 days after the request.

Also if any of our current answer guides fail to help you achieve 100% please let us know. These tests are often updated out of the blue. Obviously, this makes it hard to keep guides up to date unless someone lets us know. So please comment below if that is the case.

List of Swagbucks Quiz Answer Guides

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QuizFacts Guides

Quiz Factory

Thanks in advance for submitting your requests! Doing so helps us do our job helping you guys. Plus you get the answers you are looking for. In the end, I believe it's a win-win for all of us

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