Top 15 Swagbucks Alternatives In 2020

- 4/25/2020
With all the amazing technology and devices in our world, the majority of our society is aware of some pretty cool apps and websites that are available to help us save or manage our money. You probably already know Swagbucks is basically the mother of all the reward sites. However, for those who haven’t heard of these wonderful helpers like Swagbucks, the following article will be an eye-opener, for sure. Swagbucks is a great site to join, but some alternatives exist that work just as well. Over the year's many alternative sites have popped up that offer a similar experience. When I say many we are talking literally hundreds of sites. If you are like most people you may not have time to figure out which alternative sites are actually worth checking out. That's why we decided to take one for the team. We spent a great deal of time taking a deep drive through all these sites. For anyone who likes to save or has an interest in adding to their paycheck, give one of these options a try and see what kind of extra income you can create.

The following top 15 Swagbucks alternatives list should save you a great deal of time and aggravation.

1. InstaGC (site available internationally)

InstaGC had been around since 2011. During that time they established themselves as the go-to source for instant payments. Their $1.00 minimum threshold withdrawal also contributes a great deal to their popularity. Users can even cashout to Paypal at $1.00. Not to mention a Direct deposit to your bank account at only $5.00 if Paypal is not your thing. Those are just two options among hundreds of gift card options available. They also use a simple points exchange system with each point being equal to 1 cent (for example, 100 points equals $1). InstaGc pays users for, cashback shopping, watching videos, doing surveys, complete figure-eight tasks (Simple micro-tasks that are very short and simple.), searching the internet (Can be done Once an hour using, promo codes, print coupons, doing offers, completing tasks, offer walls, referrals, and more.

InstaGc gives its users their first 10 points just for signing up. Meaning after earning 90 points or 90 cents you're ready to cash out.

The biggest drawback to InstaGC to me is the lack of polish on their website. I could really see potential users being taken back and wondering about the legitimacy of the site. None the less they have paid me just as well as the well-polished ones. Actually better since their payments are instant.

2. Ibotta (site is available in: The US and Puerto Rico)

Invite CODE: cjbbrqx

This is a cashback app where you can use your earned cash to purchase gift cards to many sites including department stores, fast-food organizations, restaurants, clothing stores, grocery markets, and many more.

Ibotta only works with certain stores, but they have over 160 on their list. Walmart, Kroger, CVS, Walgreens are just a few to mention.
They offer you deals on a rotating basis, so every week isn't the same. They will offer cashback for a certain brand of beans, candles, or hair spray. But they will also offer it for just purchasing "any loaf of bread". In this case, the brand doesn't matter. You will receive payment just for shopping on certain websites also.

They will make payments to accounts, or you can choose to buy gift cards with your cashback: PayPal, Venmo, Starbucks, Amazon are just a few to name. The minimum cash withdraw amount is $20.

Users have to be 18 to join, keep track of their bonuses, and participate in group bonuses by linking your account to Facebook.
If you refer a friend, they will receive $20 with their first purchase of a brand name Ibotta deal, and you will earn $5 as well.

3. GG2U (site available internationally)

This site has a lot to offer including quick response time, great customer support, high pay rates, and unique offers that other sites don’t have. Here you will work to complete surveys, tasks, videos, gaming tasks, and more.

*GG2U currently offers the most money for Hideout.Tv Videos.* Meaning this is the site you should be using if you're mainly watching videos. 

You need to be 13 to join, and if you refer a friend, they make $1.00 for just joining, and you earn 5% of what they make for life. (All new members earn $1.00 for signing up.)

1 Golden Ticket can be earned for every 5 cash out requests. You can earn anywhere between $1 and $7 with each ticket.

(Cashing out at your minimum balance each time will allow you to work towards earning these “Golden Tickets” even faster.)
You're required to have a minimum of $7 to request your cash out. Payments can be made, or gift cards can be purchased towards Coinbase, BTC, PayPal, Google Play, Amazon, Target, and so many more.

4. Pei (site is available in: USA)

Invite code: 714hsv

Pei is completely a cashback focused app. What's really cool about the app is it does so automatically. Users link their credit or debit card upon signing up for Pei and they automatically earn cashback after shopping at specific merchants. The list of merchants is quite large and more locations are added on a regular basis. So you may find yourself getting cashback when you aren't even expecting it. Use our referral code and start out with a $2.50 bonus after you shop at any Pei merchant. Once you reach $25.00 in your account you can cash out instantly. You can cash out via Paypal, Prepaid Visa, or Bitcoin.

5. BeFrugal (site available internationally)

Use this site to save instantly. BeFrugal has connections with over 5000 stores, so when you shop, you can automatically grab their savings along the way. A list of just a few stores they partner with are as follows: The Children’s Place, Lowe’s, Coach, Under Armour, Overstock, Walmart, Applebees, The Longhorn Steakhouse, Chilis, KFC, Vistaprint, Bath and Body Works, and Target
There is no age limit for joining, and for every friend you refer, you receive $10 cashback as soon as they earn their first $10.

Your payment will be sent through PayPal or directly to your bank.

6. Hideout.TV(site is international - however, some limitations are currently set)

This site allows users to watch videos and earn reward points. They have a list of multiple genres of videos to choose from depending on your interests.

You will link your reward points to one of their Loyalty Partners, and your points turn into money for the linked site. Some examples of rewards are gift card codes, Google Play credits, and Steam Wallet codes.

You can sign and directly with Hideout.TV and redeem points directly with them. However, the best route way to maximize your Hideout. Tv points are to redeem them to one of their Loyalty Partners. These are sites like GG2U and InstaGC. GG2U currently offers the most cash for Hideout. Tv points so if you mainly will be doing videos that is where you should sign up for sure.

You can also earn points by downloading apps, taking surveys, and more.
You need to be 13 to join and to redeem points, you will have to have a balance of at least 9 points.
You may only do 3 redemptions daily.

7.Rakuten (site is international)

This site offers a cashback card that earns individuals an extra 3% cashback on purchases.

They offer cashback programs at more than 2500 stores, their coupons are discounted up to 72%, and some stores will have cashback sales where they double your savings.

The “Rakuten button” is available online to help you find the best deals, and you can also use the card in stores.
Car rentals, hotels, and flights also count towards earning your 3% cashback when using your card.

There is no minimum age to use the site, and if you refer your friends, you get $25 once they make their first purchase, and they receive a $10 bonus.
Payments can be made through PayPal or check to your home address. (minimum amount to withdraw is $5)

8. Fetch Rewards (site is available in: The USA and Puerto Rico)

Invite code: NFC16

Earn points by scanning receipts, that are no more than 2 weeks old, and use your points to get rewards.
Scan your receipt after shopping at any grocery store, club wholesaler, pet store, convenience store, home improvement/hardware store, and you will receive points. Your account can also be linked to scan e-receipts.
Your points stack up until you decide to use them, and when you purchase specific products, you will earn even more points.
Once you acquire 3,000 points, this turns into $3.00, and you can use the money for rewards.

The rewards you will have to choose from are gift cards. Department stores, dine-in and fast-food restaurants, shoe stores, and many more are available as gift card options.
You have to be 18 to join, and if you refer a friend, and they join, you will both earn anywhere between $2 - $5, with the scanning of their first receipt. Depending on the current promotion, the amount will vary.

9. Mypoints (site is available in: USA, Canada)

MyPoints may be the oldest reward site still around. The site launched way back in 1996. It's actually owned by Prodege LLC the same company parent company that owns Swagbucks. The parent company also owns Inboxdollars as well which is a little lower on our list. Both sites are similar yet offer a slightly different experience.

The coolest positive feature Mypoints has over its counterpart is points swapping for airline miles. You must have a United MileagePlus account for this to work but a cool unique feature nonetheless.
Probably the biggest negative difference between Swagbucks and Mypoints also involves their points systems. Mypoints are not as straightforward as the points to cash exchange. Basically, $1.00 is equal to 158-160 points. The exact exchange differs depending on the reward type and the amount.
Mypoints pays users for cashback shopping, discover love deals (Vouchers for Groupon and LivingSocial), watching videos (Up To 500 points for 1 playlist), doing surveys, searching the internet (Up to 170 points for using their Search engine that's powered by Yahoo), promo codes, print coupons, doing offers, completing tasks, play games, offer walls, referrals, and more.

10. PrizeRebel (site is international)

PrizeRebel accepts users from all around the world. That being said users from the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, and Canada will have more options available to them to make money.
PrizeRebel pays users for watching videos, doing surveys, promo codes, doing offers, completing tasks, offer walls, referrals, and more.

Account Level Bonus
The more you use Prizerebel the more you will earn. This is due to their level bonus system. As you earn more points your level will increase. As user's levels increase they will get bonus points earned for doing tasks. As your level increases, you will also earn more from your referrals. Once you make it to the gold rewards request will automatically be processed.

Bronze 0 points, Sliver 1000 points, Gold 2500 points, Platinum 7000 points, Diamond 12,000 points.

11. UserTesting (site is available internationally)

This specific site requires usability testing, and the work changes over time, along with an increase in payout.

At first, you’ll get paid to video yourself completing required tasks and speaking aloud as you work. The work is related to app testing, software navigation, survey taking, giving feedback, etc…
While working for them, your pay will start at $3 per test, then move up to $10, and eventually, the highest payout level will stop at $30 per assignment – (most likely, a webcam will be needed for the highest leveled work).

Your pay will be sent through PayPal exactly 7 days after your test is completed.
The age requirement is 18 to join, and there is no referral incentive.
Videos should be recorded appropriately - with accurate lighting, articulate speech, and professionalism.

To continue receiving offers for tests, keep a high-quality rating. Submitting the “unpaid” surveys may qualify you for taking more tests as well.

12. GetUpSide (site is available in: USA – participating states only)

Invite Code: ERIC28873

This app will earn you cashback on restaurants, gas, and groceries. You may be eligible to earn up to $0.50 off per gallon of gas, twice daily, and possibly save up to 15% at grocery stores and 35% at restaurants. You will also find offers for convenience stores, car washes, oil changes, and more. A map will be provided which lists all participating locations. Additional points can be earned to confirm the pricing ahead of time.

Payment to you, or gift card purchases will be made with PayPal, check, Amazon, Target, plus more.

You have to be 13 to join, and if you refer a friend, they will automatically receive a discount on gas for joining, you receive a discount as well, and in addition, you will receive a "lifetime" discount on gas for "a friend of a friend joining" - an indirect referral.

You MUST make your purchase with a debit or credit card. Other forms of payment are not permitted.

Once you claim gas or restaurant offers, you have only 4 hours to use them before they expire. For grocery claims, you have 24 hours to use them. ALL receipts need to be scanned within 24 hours after claiming the offer.

13. InboxDollars (site is international)

This site pays users for doing tasks such as shopping online, watching videos, taking surveys, downloading coupons, testing new products, playing certain games, and using their search engine.
Payments are made through check or PayPal once you reach $30, or you can purchase gift cards from a host of different retailers and department stores.

Offers for extra earnings will often be sent through email as well.

There is no minimum age to join.

14. Survey Junkie (site is available in: US, CA, AU)

Survey Junkie has over 11 million users actively using its site. Has the name suggests you mainly make money from taking surveys. Residents of the United States, Australia, and Canada are eligible to join as long as they are at least 13 years of age.

Their point system is very straightforward. 1 point is equal to 1 cent. You must earn at least $5.00 or 500 points minimum to redeem your points. Users can cash out to PayPal, bank transfer, or choose from a number of other gift cards if they live in the United States. One odd thing is you do need to redeem your entire points balance in order to redeem from Paypal. They give their users 25 points for joining.

Survey Junkie offers unique benefits for doing surveys.

Get DQed for a survey and still get points. = 2-3 Points
Complete Profilers(Also helps better match you with surveys) = 10 Points Each
Add extension (Must leave it installed for 30 days) = 150 points
Confirm Your Email = 25 Points
Tour Site( They call it how it works) = 5 Points

You can download the Survey Junkie app on iOS and Android. Of course, you can also just visit the site on your mobile device or computer. One cool thing about the apps is they will send you notifications when new surveys are available for you.

15. Gain (site is available in: US, MY, SE, IE, IT, FR, GB, DK, RU, SG, CA, NL, NO, AU, BE, ES, and DE)

With this “cash back” site, you can earn coins to receive cash.
Watch videos, complete offers, take surveys, etc… to earn coins – (1000 coins = $1.00) once you've reached 200 coins, you can withdraw them as cash. You can receive payment through Coinbase, BCH, ETH, BTC, LTC, or CSGOSHOP. Gift cards for Tango and Rewardlink are available in some countries as well.

The age requirement to join is 13, all users are offered free daily bonus coins, and if you refer a friend, and they join, you will receive 5% of their earnings.
All new users get 100 free coins, and as an incentive, all members can earn extra coins daily and/or monthly by being a “top 3 earner”.

Average surveys pay 800 coins at least, but custom surveys can pay higher wages.
If you have a “steam” account, you may create a gain account with your steam sign in – add to the end of your username for steam to earn a 5% bonus
Offers above 3999 are automatically held until you release them with a quick message to Support Chat.

Top Swagbucks Alternatives Conclusion

Love or hate Swagbucks you will find that there are some reliable alternate sites that are more than worth checking out. No, you won't be getting rich using these types of sites. But the reward sites on this list are great options for bringing in a little side income for you and your family. The best site for you will largely depend on what you personally like doing. Some of these sites are very similar to Swagbucks while others are kind of their own thing. I would suggest trying out at least 5 or 6. From there figure out what works for you and disregard the rest.

Did we get this list all wrong? What alternatives do you think belong in the top 15? Please let us know in the comments below!

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