OfferToro | Offer Not Available | #20062 or #20063

- 9/28/2020

What does it mean when I get an (Offer Not Available) error message from OfferTorro?

Many users have reported they are getting an error message when they try to do an offer from OfferToro. The message they are reporting is the (offer not available) error message. The error code for this will usually be #20062 and #20063.

 If you are seeing this message it usually means 1 or 3 things. 

1. The first being that you may be attempting to do the offer on a device that isn't approved for the offer. An example of this is attempting to do a mobile offer on a desktop. If you are seeing this error when attempting desktop offers as well this is obviously not going to fix your issue. 

2. Second is some offers have a cap for every IP address that's kind of random. The cap is usually reset after a certain amount of time has passed. All you can do is check back from time to time to see if the limit has been lifted. 

3. The Third is a bit hairier. In this case, your IP address may have been banned by OfferTorro. There are multiple reasons someone's IP could be banned. 

One thing that could cause this is intentionally or unintentionally using a VPN service while trying to complete offers. 

But this is not the only reason for an IP ban. It is actually very common for users to get this error and have not idea why. 

Possibly could be the business that OfferTorro works with simply did not want to pay for any more offers to be be done by you. 

This could be because they felt like you just clicked through offers and didn't give honest feedback. Or maybe they just had enough feedback from you for the time being. Or could be a host of other reasons unknown to us. But the good news is the IP bans usually go away within 3 to 14 days.  However, bans can run for much longer than. 


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