Branded Surveys Review - Legit Site Like Swagbucks?

- 8/10/2021

Branded Surveys, formerly known as Mintvine (changes were almost entirely cosmetic), is an excellent Swagbucks alternative. Just like in the days of Mintvine, members start off strong. Each member begins with 50 points which are worth $0.50 just for signing up. Your results may vary depending on your circumstance. But you can also earn some points by answering a few simple questions like how many phones you own or whether you own or rent. The extra points for completing my profile were worth over 200 points by themselves. 

5 Cent Daily Poll!

Their daily poll pays you 5 cents each day! I know 5 cents isn’t a big deal but compared to most reward sites that offer daily polls that is an incredible rate. Swagbucks, for example, will only pay you 1 cent for their daily polls, and that is completely standard practice. That makes Branded Surveys daily polls 5X better than Swagbucks.

It was interesting to see how generous they were since most sites don’t pay out much for stuff like that. This is something you will notice when using Banded Survey. Earning points doesn’t take long, especially at the beginning. If you’re looking for a GPT site that pays you fast, this is a great choice.

Sign Up Difficulty: Easy

Time Spent Daily: 20 minutes or less

Payout Method: PayPal or Branded Pay which is a direct deposit option. A multitude of Gift Cards options such as AmazonTargeteBay, etc.

Minimum Payout Threshold: $10

Points for Referrals: 50 points when your referral reaches Silver membership status.

Tasks: Surveys, Local Deals, Offers


  • Simply by signing up, you get a lot of points. 
  • The daily polls award 5 points, as opposed to just 1 point on Swagbucks.
  • Even if one survey is rejected, you still get at least 5 points.
  • With the Local Deals section similar to Groupon, you can get paid for shopping.


  • Unlike most top reward sites, the payment threshold is $10 instead of $5.


Branded Surveys can be a really good Swagbucks alternative for those who like to earn points really fast. With so many points you get just for signing up, it's easy to reach your first goal regardless of the 1000 point minimum payout.

It is evident that this rewards site wants people on board out of the gate by the points they start you out with. They also have a vast selection of payment options. 2 of those payment options are cash including a bank transfer which I find to be awesome. You're likely to hit your first $10 threshold within your first week or two, and even faster if you're diligent about surveys and offers.

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