Swago: A Fun and Rewarding Twist on Bingo!

- 5/21/2024

Swago is Swagbucks' unique take on Bingo, offering more fun and rewards than traditional Bingo. Instead of waiting for numbers to be called, you have the power to place your "chips" wherever you like on the board.

How Swago Works

Each square on your Swago board represents a different activity on Swagbucks. Complete the activity, and the square will change color to show it's finished.

Earning Your Bonus SB

Once you've completed a pattern on the board, you can submit your board to earn the bonus SB for that pattern. If you’re ambitious, you can aim to complete the entire board for a substantial bonus of 1,500 SB!

Remember: You can only submit your board once, so maximize your earnings before hitting that submit button!

Important Dates

  • Start Time: The next Swago board starts at 8 AM PT/11 AM ET on Monday, May 20th.
  • End Time: You have until 11:59 PM PT on Monday, May 27th to submit your board.
  • Pre-Register: You can pre-register today to get a head start!

Tips for Completing Your Board

  1. Maximize Your Time: Use the entire period to complete as many squares as possible. Only submit your board when you’re sure you’ve earned the most SB you can.

  2. MyGiftCardsPlus Square: Plan ahead if you're working on the MyGiftCardsPlus square. The square is marked complete only when the SB from your purchase credits to your account, not when you buy the card. Ensure you have enough time for the credit to come through.

  3. Swagbucks Daily Trivia Live: If you haven’t tried Swagbucks Daily Trivia Live yet, now is the perfect time! Download the app and participate in at least one of the games during the following times:

    • Monday – Thursday: 5 PM PT/8 PM ET

    You’ll have four chances to complete this square during the Swago period. Remember, you don’t need to win the game; just earn SB by correctly answering a question that offers SB.

Need Help?

If you have any questions about how Swago works, feel free to ask in the comments below. Don’t forget to pre-register for Swago today and be ready when the board goes live at 8 AM PT/11 AM ET on Monday, May 20th.

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