Daily Max SB For Disqualifications - Swagbucks DQ Limit

- 12/28/2019

Swagbucks DQ Limit 

While doing surveys on Swagbucks the other day after a failed survey attempt I received the following message.

 "Not every survey can be a winner, but keep trying! 

Although you have already reached your daily max SB for disqualifications, you can still keep trying and earn SB for completing a survey."

This was the first time I had experienced this in my 7 plus years using this reward site. After a little digging around I discovered I had been extremely lucky since this has been a thing for at least the past 5 years or so.

Gold Survey vs Peanut Labs DQ Limit

First of all, there are two different ways of getting DQ points from doing surveys on Swagbucks. The first way is for attempting Gold surveys and getting disqualified. The second is for getting disqualification while doing Peanut Labs surveys. For Gold surveys, users usually have 5 points per day limit. This is not always the case but more on that later. No limit exists for getting DQ points from Peanut Labs. The catch is Peanut Lab points count towards your Gold survey DQ points limit for the day. So if you start the day with 3 DQ points from Peanut Labs you will hit your limit of 5 after getting 2 Gold survey DQ points.

Peanut Labs DQ Points Tips

Users will always get 1 SB for being disqualified as long as they get by the prequalified question.  It's important to remember to always do Peanut Labs surveys on their Peanut Labs page. From time to time their surveys land on the Gold page. Stay away from them there because they will not give you any disqualification SB from there for some reason.

Gold Survey DQ Points Tips

Usually, users get 1 SB for each survey they are disqualified for until they hit their DQ point limit. Now, this is where things get interesting. Users sometimes get much more than just 1 SB for each disqualification. Usually, this will depend on how far they made it through the survey. Users have reported getting over 100 SB for a single DQ. Why some are chosen and some are not is up for debate. There are popular theories floating around among users. But I have a theory of my own that I call the "DQ Catch 22" you may be interested in.

Popular DQ Limit Theory

Most users claim to usually be capped at around  5 or 10 points.  At times however the cap may be much higher. The cap is not always the same each day or even for each person. Some believe that new users have a much higher cap than older users. Some have even reported new users do not have a cap at all. Some assume they even turn the cap off for all users when they are really pushing for more surveys to get done.

My Catch 22 DQ Limit Theory

Personally, I believe the reason users have different cap limits as much less to do with account age and more to do account history. This is due to even new users reporting having a strict cap limit after getting a gob of DQ points in a short period of time. In addition to this, I've seen multiple reports of new and old users alike having a cap limit. But after some time of low to no survey disqualifications the same users having no limit. So it appears the key to getting raid of your DQ cap is not getting DQ points. In other words, it's kind of a Catch 22.

Hope this helps someone! If you have anything to add please do so in the comments below. 


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