- 12/18/2019

 Problem With Payment Method ERROR

Problem With Payment Method ERROR

The other day I was trying to purchase Dollar Shave Club with a Swagbucks Virtual Visa Rewards Card ( Virtual Prepaid Debit Card). However, I got an error saying there was a problem with the payment method error. After being rejected multiple times I decided to check the website for the Card to see if I could figure out what was going on. I knew the card was legit since I have been redeeming and using them for years. Plus I checked to see how much was remaining on my card and it had more than sufficient funds. When looking over my transaction history I saw the following error "TRANSACTION NOT PERMITTED (AMOUNT/POS/MCC)" 2 times.

Sadly I did not even receive a code number I could search for to explain the issue.  This prompted me to try to link the card to my Paypal account and try the transaction that way. The Card linked to Paypal with no problem what so ever. However, I still had the same issue. I tried over and over and would always get this error again and again as before.

Reason For The Error

Well after a little digging I discovered Dollar Shave Club is one of the growing numbers of online sites that do not accept prepaid cards anymore. From what I could tell this is due to them trying to prevent what they call "fraud". For instance, people signing up for Trail offers over and over basically. They believe by forcing customers to use a verified payment method they will be able to cut down on what they believe to be a fraud issue. This is also a common error you will see when trying to make a purchase with some prepaid debit cards linked to Paypal as well. For much of the same reason as with the first example. Paypal does not play well with cards that can not be verified.

Furthering the issue I learned once these prepaid cards are rejected for offers on Swagbucks they will stop tracking the offer. Meaning even if you switch to a different payment method you still will not get credit for the SB on the offer after rejection. To even further complicate matters you may even get banned from some ad walls for even trying to use a Virtual Prepaid Cards now on offers that prohibit it. This is again due to what they consider fraud and abuse.


After my research, I decided to use my Virtual Visa to pay for a portion of my cable bill. Thankfully that worked without any issue what so ever! From now on I will for sure avoid using prepaid cards on paid offers. Especially if the offer states it is prohibited. This does mean however I will likely not be doing as many offers since I am generally not too comfortable giving companies I am not too familiar with my Post Paid Card information. In the case that I due I will be sure to use a Credit Card instead of a Debit Card. This is due to Credit Cards have far more protection.

Hope this helps someone! If anyone has else as any other information please let us know in the comments below!


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