Fetch Rewards - A Legit Swagbucks Alternative

- 4/25/2020
Scan all of your grocery store receipts into the Fetch Rewards app and collect points to get rewards it is as simple as it sounds! Fetch Rewards was founded in 2012 and is an online rebate app that allows you to upload any of your receipts from your everyday shopping to collect points and earn rewards on participating products. Fetch rewards works directly with many popular brands to bring you many savings from all of your favorite products from all of your favorite stores you already shop with. A thousand Fetch points are worth a dollar. You can redeem these points after you’ve reached just $3 worth. So, you can start buying gift cards for Amazon, Walmart, Target, etc. Besides, Fetch Rewards also has great special offers and a referral program to maximize your cashback rewards.

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What is Swagbucks?

Swagbucks is a GPT (Get Paid To) website with the slogan: Put cashback in your wallet. It works by letting you earn gift cards and cash by watching videos, answering surveys, testing apps, searching the internet, playing games, and doing various other tasks. You collect some points for each task you perform. Each point is worth one cent. Once there are enough points in your account, you can cash out or get some gift cards from Amazon, Walmart, and tons of other stores. Swagbucks has a receipt scanning feature just like Fetch Rewards. Swagbucks offers a lot of ways to make cash online. It also has two mobile apps so that you can continue earning on the go. It was launched in 2008.

How to join Fetch rewards

If you find that Fetch rewards is a great way for you to earn more cashback along with Swagbucks. Follow the steps below to join.

First, download the Fetch Rewards app in either the apple store or google play.

*Enter this invite code: NFC16 while you sign up and receive 2000 bonus points once you have uploaded your first receipt.*

 Fetch rewards offer 3 different ways you can earn points to earn cashback. The easiest way is to simply purchase any participating products that you already buy. If you make a purchase from any of the participating brands you will receive points based on the cost of the product. You do not have to shop at a specific retailer store and no need to scan barcodes or clip coupons like other cashback reward programs demand. If you are looking into earning more points you can purchase a special offer product where you can earn bonus points as well as the regular points you earn when you purchase a specific brand. The last way you can earn extra points is by inviting family and friends.

How Fetch Rewards is Similar to Swagbucks

Both Fetch rewards and Swagbucks are great ways of making some extra money doing things you’d be doing anyway to buy gift cards and other rewards. Swagbucks also has a feature very similar to Fetch Rewards where it gives you Swagbucks points for uploading photos of your receipts. Similarly, both websites have a referral program that will pay you for encouraging other people to use their website. Finally, both websites have a dedicated user base and a good reputation online.

How Fetch Rewards is different than Swagbucks

Fetch rewards have no cashback feature, so the collected points that you earn can only be redeemed as gift cards from stores like Amazon and Starbucks. However, Fetch rewards do offer Mastercard and Visa as a payout method if you do not want to put all your rewards to one specific store.  By contrast, Swagbucks allows you to cash out your points as cash into PayPal once you’ve collected $25 worth of Swagbucks Points. It won’t matter for some, but the lack of payout is a significant handicap for a rebate app.

Processing receipts takes Fetch Rewards a maximum of 48 hours, so there’s a little bit of a lag between you uploading your receipts and getting the reward points. Swagbucks generally does not have that kind of delay for most of its offerings, so you can receive most of your points instantly.

Finally, Swagbucks offers a ton more ways to earn points. From surveys to videos you can watch, games and raffles, you won’t ever run out of ways to earn money online. However, Fetch Rewards is focused singularly on rebates for receipts you upload, which on the other hand makes it extremely easy to use and gain extra cashback with little to no hassle on your end.

What Makes Fetch Rewards Special among all reward sites

Fetch Rewards is slightly different in the way it operates from most other Rebate apps. Unlike other apps, it doesn’t matter which store you buy a product from. As long as you’ve bought the product, you’re eligible for rewards. Besides, unlike other such services, you can upload receipts from liquor stores, drugstores, and so on, and still get paid using Fetch App. This is a more flexible approach, and it’s more convenient for the user.

Plus, there are some special discount offers which allow you to get 100% rebates. Once you buy the item, you can scan the receipt. Then you’ll get back all money you paid for the product in Fetch points. In short, you’ll occasionally get to buy stuff for free.

Fetch also offers thousands of gift cards to choose from when you are ready to redeem your points. From restaurants, travel, fashion, pets, and electronics are just a few of the choices you will have to choose from as well as MasterCard and Visa if you do not want to put all your rewards to one specific store.

Why Fetch Rewards is a good alternative to Swagbucks

Fetch Rewards is a streamlined and simple-to-use rebate app which can be used as a good alternative to Swagbucks. Fetch also is a simple way to earn cash back without having to complete tasks, surveys, or watch videos. Simply scan your receipt and fetch rewards will do the rest for you.

If your not interested in scanning your receipts or for whatever reason Fetch Rewards does not sound like your thing we still encourage you to check out our Swagbucks Guide to Maximizing Your Points.

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