Pei - A Legit Swagbucks Alternative

- 4/25/2020
Pei is a relatively new cashback rewards program launched in 2018. Pei is a no-hassle cashback program where you can link Pei with your existing debit or credit card so that you get automatic cashback when you pay with the linked card It gives you the money instantly either as Bitcoins or as US dollars. Anytime you use your linked card in any of the partner merchants’ stores, you will be given cashback rewards without any of the extra work such as scanning receipts and clipping coupons. Pei turns your debit or credit cards into retailer rewards cards and Pei has no limit on the number of cards you can link to your account. Pei also offers top of the line security so you don't have to worry about your privacy. If you live in the USA or Canada, you’ll find that a lot of restaurants and stores have partnered with Pei. Similarly, national retailers like Walgreens and Starbucks are also its partners, so you won’t run out of stores to shop from with their wide variety of retailers. Also right now Pei is looking for more merchants to join their team. For every merchant, you get to sign up with Pei you earn $100 plus 10% revenue for the first 12 months. You can earn up to $500 dollars for each merchant that you get to join Pei.

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How to join Pei
If you are looking into adding Pei to help maximize your cashback alongside Swagbucks follow the steps below to get started.

1. To join download the Pei app in the apple store or google play. You must have an email address to join.

*Enter in this invite code: 714hsv during the signup for a $2.50 bonus.*

Warning signup bonus codes can only be applied during signup and not after. 

The more friends you have the more rewards and cashback you will receive.

2. Link as many cards as you have as Pei has no limit on how many can be linked. It's as simple as that no more tasks are needed on your end just shop like normal with the cards you linked and unique offers will automatically be applied to increase your cashback rewards.

What is Swagbucks?

Swagbucks is a GPT (Get-Paid-To) website. Its slogan is, “Put cashback in your wallet”. It allows you to earn gift cards and cash by watching videos, answering surveys, testing apps, searching the internet, playing games, and doing various other tasks. Swagbucks gives you certain points for each task you do, and each point translates to one cent. Once you’ve collected enough points, you can exchange them for coupons or cash out using PayPal. Swagbucks also has a cashback feature if you’d like to earn rewards while shopping through its website. Swagbucks has a lot of options to make cash online, and it has two mobile apps so that you can continue earning on the go. It was launched in 2008.

How Pei is similar to Swagbucks

Pei and Swagbucks are good, reputed websites that offer a great way to make or save some cash. Both Pei and Swagbucks offer a nice cashback service and both sites also allow users to earn points passively by referring the website to other people. Further, both sites have a mobile app to earn and monitor your finances while you are on the go.

How Pei is different from Swagbucks

Pei is a new service, having launched in 2018, whereas Swagbucks was launched in 2008. In terms of experience and userbase, Swagbucks is mature and time tested. Pei, on the other hand, is still experimenting with its features, making tweaks and adding new affiliates to their team. That being said, Pei is still a very good service and its novelty shouldn’t be seen as a big disadvantage because it is an easy no-hassle cashback rewards program.

When compared to Swagbucks, Pei is far more streamlined. It has the singular purpose of being a seamless cashback app. Swagbucks, however, offers a lot of confusing features and tasks like surveys and videos that you have to complete in order to receive points. The downside for Pei is that it has just a single way to earn, unlike Swagbucks, and it isn’t as feature-rich.

Pei offers payouts in Bitcoin or US dollar cashback and provides a lot of security features like encryption and privacy. Swagbucks makes no such promises.

Pei has a payout minimum of $25 just like Swagbucks. But Swagbucks allows you to get gift cards from companies like Target and Starbucks for about $5.

What Makes Pei Special among all reward sites

Pei seamlessly integrates into your payment flow and saves you a ton of hassle that other websites like Swagbucks incur. This means that without doing any extra work, you will be automatically rewarded from 1% to 20%. This is certainly a special deal, as frequently having to open the website and upload receipts can be a significant hassle like many of the cashback reward programs such as Ibotta. When you use your card in a partner merchant store, you’ll automatically get a notification from Pei telling you how much money you saved. Also the more you use Pei the cashback values will increase. You will also receive at least 1% cashback on purchases that are not affiliated with Pei.

Pei offers top of the line security when it comes to protecting your cards and privacy. Pei uses bank-level encryption, two-factor authentication when linking your cards, and finally anonymizing your data working directly with your financial institution to verify all cashback rewards.

Why Pei is a good alternative to Swagbucks

Pei is a newcomer in the cashback and reward market but it has gained positive reviews for its large selection of participating stores, for its ease of use and seamlessness. So, if you’re looking for a hassle-free cashback service, look no further than Pei. Pei allows you to max out cashback savings by receiving both Pei points along with your credit card points to maximize your cash back savings.

If linking your credit card is not something you want to do or for whatever Pei does not sound like your thing we still suggest checking out our Swagbucks Guide to Maximizing Your Points.

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