IBOTTA - A Legit Swagbucks Alternative

- 4/12/2020
In the era of digitalization and technology, many applications allow a person to redeem rewards and cashback. We all have heard about cashback, rebates, rewards, or some kind of a discount on shopping or some tasks we pursue whether online or offline. Most of all everyone loves to collect such rewards and promotions after shopping.

IBOTTA is one of these applications that is a great alternative for  Swagbucks. Here you will find in quick comparisons between IBOTTA and Swagbucks. As well as why I believe its a great alternative or even complement to Swagbucks.

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What is IBOTTA?

IBOTTA is a FREE cashback rewards app that pays you cash for your everyday purchases when you shop and pay through the Ibotta app. Ibotta is partnered with over 1,500 brands and retailers and provides countless ways for you to earn cashback on your purchases. Since being founded in 2012 Ibotta has paid over 600 million in cash. Ibotta is available on both the App Store and Google Play

IBOTTA is an American mobile company in Denver, Colorado. Bryan Leach is the founder of the company and started it on the 31st of October 2011. The company began providing rebates to people on the physical or offline stores of grocery, electronics, and others. Later on, IBOTTA became a free smartphone/mobile application that has a partnership with various brands for groceries, clothing, electronics, etc. With these retailers, it offers cashback and discounts to the consumer for online usages like shopping and payments.

How to sign up with Ibotta?

If you are interested in signing up for Ibotta to help maximize your savings along with Swagbucks here's how to get started below.

First, simply download the Ibotta App.

You will then enter your basic information name along with your email address and create a password.

Also, you can enter this REFERRAL CODE: cjbbrqx in the referral code box at the bottom of the signup screen and earn $5 dollars once you've redeemed a purchase.

That's it you are now signed up to begin your cashback savings! You can go ahead and link your loyalty accounts now. Go to account, then settings, and link accounts. This part is optional if you chose not to link accounts you will simply hit the redeem button at the bottom of the screen snap of picture of your receipt along with the item purchased to receive cashback on items bought. You must scan your receipts and items each time after you shop. Remember you must add the items to your account before you scan your receipt or use your loyalty card at the store to receive cashback from that shopping trip.

I hope you enjoy this fun and simple way to earn cashback alongside with Swagbucks.

How IBOTTA is similar to Swagbucks?

Most of us know that both IBOTTA and Swagbucks are well known to offer cashback to their users. They both have their unique features and offers for their consumers.

Some of the features that make them similar are highlighted below.

1. The first similarity is they both offer rewards or cash just for downloading and registering on their app.

2. Both Swagbucks and IBOTTA offer discounts and promotions, gift cards, etc. via their application.

3. Both Swagbucks and IBOTTA sends alerts for shopping deals.

4. Lastly, both Swagbucks and IBOTTA offer similar payouts. You can get paid by gift cards or get cash sent to your Paypal account.

How IBOTTA is different than Swagbucks?

Every corporation has varying schemes and compensations. Each of them has a distinct set of features regarding cashback and promotions. Let’s have a look at some key points that make IBOTTA differ from Swagbucks.

IBOTTA is solely focused on cashback shopping. Offering rewards for receipts and purchases. Whereas Swagbucks ask participants to watch videos, take surveys, do offers, and complete tasks as well as all the other great tasks you can do on Swagbucks.

IBOTTA allows you to link your loyalty rewards cards, for example, a Kroger card. When you link your card the deals that you clipped before you went to the store automatically sends your cashback to your account without having to upload your receipt.

What makes IBOTTA special among all the reward sites?

Let’s Look at the points that make IBOTTA  stand out  among the other reward sites:

IBOTTA has exceptional marketing for its brand and proposes many discounts and rewards more frequently. Every Thursday new coupons are available for you to access allowing you to maximize your savings on everyday purchases.

In contrast to other rewarding sites, IBOTTA is a reliable and legit application with over 35 million users since 2012. The partnerships of IBOTTA application with various retailers and brands for almost everything makes it unique and distinct among the other reward sites. With a wide range of retailers from grocery stores, restaurants, pet stores, online shopping Ibotta has offers for every kind of shopper.

Apart from this, recently, IBOTTA has confirmed its cooperation with Button, the mobile app company. This cooperation is to make the user purchasing easy and quick within the following application.

IBOTTA always brings out many new advancements in terms of digitalization and rewards as ease for the user that lead it as a special site. Rewards may include a special holiday shopping reward if you complete the task, or buying a specific brand can result in extra cash sent to your account.

Why IBOTTA is a good alternative to Swagbucks?

IBOTTA has now become one of the most reliable and successful brands for cashback and reward apps. The app is a great platform for users to compliment and alongside their Swagbucks cashback options. Often both Ibotta and Swagbucks may offer the same discount on an item where you can easily double your cashback.

There are many applications available on the app stores, offering rebates and reward programs, of which, IBOTTA is the most downloaded reward application in the United States. IBOTTA is considered one of the safest and trustworthy applications out there.

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