InstaGC - A Legit Swagbucks Alternative

- 4/11/2020
InstaGC is a website that allows you to earn gift cards and cash in exchange for performing various simple tasks online. It is one of many GPT (Get-Paid-To) websites where you get paid to watch videos, test apps, shop, and complete simple tasks and surveys. For completing each task, you get rewarded a certain amount of points. In InstaGC each point equates to a cent.

InstaGC stands for “Instant Gift Cards”, and as the name implies, InstaGC allows you to instantly redeem the points you have collected to gift cards. A lot of different gift cards are available including ones for Starbucks, BestBuy, Groupon Amazon, and Staples. Gift card selections are best in western countries like the USA, and Canada, and in European countries. Starting from 2016, it has also allowed cash out to PayPal.

Swagbucks is also a GPT website and it is just like InstaGC. Its slogan is, “Put cashback in your wallet”. Basically, it gives you points for shopping, watching videos, searching the web, answering surveys, and so on. Swagbucks has more options to make cash online, and multiple apps so that you can continue earning on the go.

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How To Sign-Up?

Anyone in the world that is at least 18 years old or older can sign up for instaGC. Minors can also sign up but they must get parental permission. If that sounds like you then you are 3 quick steps away from making some cash. 

1. The first thing you will need to do is Register. You can do so by clicking HERE. Once you are on the signup page, you can join with your email, Facebook, Twitter, or Google account.  Everyone starts out on InstaGC with 10 points just for joining. 

2. Now you are ready to start earning some cash by complete some tasks. You have a wide array of tasks to choose from such as doing surveys, watching videos, completing both paid and free trails, making phone calls, shopping, and Offerwalls. Personally, I like earning on this site via the in-house InstaGC Offerwall. Once you have reached 100 points you're ready to move to the next step if you would like. This means you must earn only 90 points since you start with 10. If you would rather wait until you accumulate more points that's perfectly ok.   

3. Now pick your reward and watch it arrive instantly! 

How InstaGC is similar to Swagbucks 

Both InstaGC and Swagbucks are GPT websites, so they are quite similar in what they expect you to do and what you can expect from them. Both offer things like videos and surveys that you can watch and participate in to get points. While Swagbucks offers more ways to earn, it’s possible to make some spare changes or get cool gift cards using both sites.

Similarly, both InstaGC and Swagbucks allow you to set them as your default search engine. So, you’ll be able to collect points for basically searching on the web. However, InstaGC search is considered inferior to Swagbucks search, and because of the strict rules, it is easier to get banned using InstaGC search.

Both sites also allow users to earn points passively by referring the website to other people.

How InstaGC is different from Swagbucks 

InstaGC allows you to get gift cards for much lower points. You can instantly redeem a gift card once you collect 100 easy points on InstaGC. However, Swagbucks makes you wait a few days and has a much higher cash-out threshold.

When compared to Swagbucks, InstaGC is more organized, with separate sections for earning points and a generally streamlined user experience. But InstaGC has fewer ways to earn than Swagbucks and it isn’t as feature-rich.

Swagbucks has multiple mobile apps. Firstly, they have an app for general-purpose usage that allows you to do whatever you can on their site. They also have apps that allow you to do things to earn points that you can not do outside of that specific app. Such as the SB LIVE app which is a daily Trivia game show that you can participate in and earn points. Another is their Answer app which gives you points to answer questions. Lastly, they have multiple apps that pay you to watch videos on the go.

InstaGC doesn’t have a custom video watching app. But they do have paid video watching section that is exclusive to their site. These videos can be watched on your phone as well as your pc. I personally added the InstaGC site to my home screen on my iPhone via the Safari browser. This works really well and I am pleased with this setup. If someone had done this for me, I would not have realized I was not using their app.

What Makes InstaGC Special among all reward sites 

The instant part of InstaGC is what I really like about it. While other platforms like Swagbucks make you wait a week or more to get free coupons, InstaGC will allow you to do it immediately. As soon as you collect 100 points from InstaGC, you will be able to go out and get a $1 Amazon gift card directly.

Generally, with GPT sites, you’ll have to toil for weeks before you’re able to get actual rewards from the system. This is disappointing to new users, and many of them will quit in less than a week. But with InstaGC, because 100 points are not very hard to collect, and because you can instantly send it, it’s far more engaging and rewarding.

Why InstaGC is a good alternative to Swagbucks 

In the current GPT market, InstaGC is one of the best alternatives to Swagbucks. It offers instant payments including a wide array of gift cards, Paypal, Prepaid Debit Cards, and Bitcoin. They also offer a Direct deposit as well but that obviously won't be instant and will likely take a few days. The site has an organized dashboard that helps users start earning easily and immediately. InstaGC has been

If InstaGC does not sound like your thing check out our Swagbucks Guide to Maximizing Your Points.

InstaGC is currently our top site like Swagbucks. You can earn cash in a lot of different ways. For example, you can take surveys, watch videos and complete certain tasks to earn points. But unlike Swagbucks, it seems less about being flash and more about cash. Their backend is straightforward, but not cluttered. They offer a ton of ways to earn money and lay everything out in a really easy-to-navigate format. You can choose exactly what type of task you want to do, like watch videos, sign up for offers or take surveys and you can even choose which services you want to use (like Adbistro, Crowdflower, etc) making it really transparent and easy to use.

InstaGC Hack

One of the coolest features of InstaGC that Swagbucks doesn’t have is the ticker. This ticker that's on their homepage shows how many points other people are earning and for what tasks with links directly to them. It actually shows you how many points other uses have earned in real-time with links to the offers they completed. It’s super easy to just click on the offers that payout the most points this way.

For example, if you see that another user has just earned 100 points taking a survey you can click on the link and take the same survey to earn 100 points.  

You don’t have to dig around the site to find the best ways to earn points, InstaGC shows them to you directly! It’s a really smart system. This is one of the coolest GPT hacks I have found. Obviously, it’s not really a hack but it’s one awesome feature. A feature that saves so much time it seems like cheating. Obviously, a “real” hack would get you banned. Don’t do that. This is still a game-changer because instead of searching through every offer on the site to find the best ones, you can let other users do it for you!

How InstaGC Is Like But Better Than Swagbucks

InstaGC has a LOT of ways to earn money, making it one of the best earning sites out there, possibly better than Swagbucks in some aspects. As their name suggests they offer instant rewards that can be used seconds after requesting payment. This is probably the single best feature of this rewards site. 

Clicking on the ticker to get to the best offers is my favorite InstaGC hack because it’s way more efficient than looking around for the best deals. It really reduces the time spent on the site looking for deals which is why it’s probably the best way to earn gift cards fast. So go ahead and sign up for InstaGC.


Sign Up Difficulty: Easy
Time Spent Daily: 15-20 minutes
Payout Method: Cash (Paypal, Check, Direct Deposit) or Gift Cards (Amazon, Walmart, Target, etc)
Minimum Payout Threshold: 0-$1 (None for direct deposit, min $1 for Gift Cards
Points for Referrals: 10 points for a signup, then 10% of earnings
Tasks: Surveys, Calls, Clicks, Offers, Trials, Videos

Tip: Don’t miss the daily surveys or Ad Bistro sections since they pay out the most points.


  • Features a ton of offer walls. You literally can’t run out of things to do on InstaGC.
  • The points system is easy to understand. 100 points = $1
  • There’s no specific number of points you have to redeem. In other words, you can redeem odd number rewards such as $2.21.
  • They have an insane amount of gift card choices ranging from Amazon to Zazzle.
  • The Ticker makes it easy to find good offers and earn points fast.
  • You can get paid via Direct Deposit or Check at any time.


  • You have to redeem $50 in Gift Cards before you can get paid in via Paypal

InstaGC Instant Gift Cards

The name InstaGC doesn’t lie. You can get paid via Paypal or gift cards really fast from this site. Okay, maybe it’s not literally instant, but it’s pretty quick.

InstaGC vs Swagbucks

InstaGC is the site that everyone loves to compare to Swagbucks. That’s because Swagbucks was the biggest player in the rewards site game for a while. And for good reason, they were one of the first sites that made earning gift cards easy and kinda fun. But of course, they weren’t perfect and many other sites started to pop up that offered rewards as well. Arguably InstaGC is the best Swagbucks alternative out there.

Both sites actually make it pretty easy to sort through offers, but InstaGC feels easier to navigate because it’s far less busy. When you log into Swagbucks you’re bombarded with tons of images and bright colors and icons and it can be somewhat overwhelming. InstaGC on the other hand has a really simple to navigate text menu that shows you different types of offers and tasks you can complete.

Ways to Earn Money

When you log into InstaGC you’ll see a list of providers with InstaGC always being first. When you click on a logo you’ll be presented with actual ways to earn points. At first, it’s kind of overwhelming, so start with just InstaGC offers. Once you get the hang of things you can try out other providers and see what you like best. Adbistro is an easy one to use because all you have to do is watch videos to earn points. Peanut Labs is a good way to earn a lot of points by taking surveys.


You can earn a lot of points by just speaking on the phone for a few minutes. You might have to listen to a sales pitch or provide some information, but there are no obligations otherwise.


This is the easiest and most mindless way to earn points. You just have to click on a link to a website and you get a point. Sometimes you may have to search for something on the website, but in those cases, you usually get a few points.


These are where points start to pick up. You can earn anywhere from 20 to 300+ points for doing things like signing up for an email newsletter or answering some questions for a survey.


Don’t forget that you can get cash back for shopping when you do it through InstaGC. Planning to buy a TV from Best Buy? Get points on InstaGC for buying stuff you were going to buy anyway. It’s kind of a no-brainer.


This is really the first section you should check out. You can earn points by doing simple things like following InstaGC on Twitter or Facebook. It’s really easy.


Trials pay out really well. For example, you can sign up for a 14 day trial of Crunchyroll and get 112 points. Of course, if you’re willing to spend some money other trials payout even better. For example, a 12-week subscription to the Economist for $15 earns you 2000 points, which is worth about $20, so you’re actually making $5!


Watching videos for points is another really easy way to earn points without putting in any effort.

What Makes InstaGC Special 

There are so many great reasons to love InstaGC. For instance, their super-fast payouts via Paypal, gift cards, or direct deposit. But another big thing I love about it is how it saves a ton of time finding offers. Rather than clicking around all the offers and surveys and reading every description and seeing what points they reward, you can just look at the sidebar on the homepage.

When you log into instaGC and look at the homepage, there’s a section on the right called “Ticker.” You can see what other users are doing to earn points in real-time. As I’m writing this someone earned 250 points taking a market research survey. I’m going to click on that one over a survey that earned another user 10 points. It’s such a great way to quickly sort out which tasks and surveys are worth looking into. As I’m writing, another survey just popped up that paid out 400 points. It’s such an easy way to find the best payouts without clicking all over the site. It’s such a slick feature and I’m very surprised more GPT sites don’t also have a ticker. It shaves so much time off and lets you earn points faster. It’s also a good way if you’re new to InstaGC to get a sense of what kind of points people are earning in real-time.

Underneath that there’s also a chat section which is also pretty useful. People share advice and discuss what they’re doing to succeed. Not very many sites like Swagbucks offer anything like that. But it’s cool to be able to connect with other people who are interested in GPT sites. You can also see what rewards people cash out in the cash, which is cool and encouraging. Although a lot of GPT sites also have that feature. You will be hard-pressed to find better advice than on this site.  

Since we’re breaking down the sidebar, there’s also a “goal” section at the top which makes it easier to track your progress. Anything to keep you motivated right? Of course, you can cash out before you reach your goal, but it’s just a nice way to see how you’re doing.

These features are so simple, but quite unique compared to some other GPT sites and set instaGC apart. It’s not about reinventing the wheel but maybe making the vehicle more aerodynamic.

Very Helpful Community And Chat Feature

One of the most useful things about InstaGC that makes them stand out as an amazing GPT site is its community. They have a chat window built right into the site and it’s a great way to connect to other people making money from home. The people in the chart are earning just like you. Not to mention there are moderators from InstaGC to answer your technical questions and help. For one, it’s nice to chat with people from all over the globe while you’re taking surveys and completing offers. It makes the work more enjoyable.

But the other great benefit to the chat is the tips you’ll get from other users! If videos aren’t loading for you… ask other users if it’s a site issue or something else. People generally have excellent suggestions about what browsers to use, etc. They’re usually on top of things and know what’s going on. If there’s a sitewide issue, they’re probably already talking about it.

People also ask and answer questions about what earns them the most points and even what other sites like Swagbucks and InstaGC they use. The community is really helpful and everyone is happy to share their advice. It’s a really friendly place. 

You can also see in real-time what gift cards and cash people are redeeming. It’s a huge motivator to see when people are redeeming their cash—especially when you see big numbers. Every time someone gets a big payout, the chat blows up with congratulations to them. Recently I cashed out $75 and everyone cheered me on and put up trophy emoticons. It was a great feeling! Everyone on InstaGC is truly supportive, and it sets them apart. Most of these offer sites feel disconnected and boring compared to this.

The mods also offer expert advice if you ask. Just today I saw a mod make this suggestion:

“The more things you do the more you will qualify for. Make sure you clear cache often and be honest, go slow, and use new emails on offers”

If you have questions, the mods are really quick to answer and point you in the right direction. It’s a nice reassurance, especially if something isn’t paying out right away or working properly—the mods can usually tell you what’s going on. It’s like having your own personal customer service rep available at all times.

I honestly don’t know why more GTP sites don’t have a built-in community like this one because it’s really helpful. I think it’s part of what sets InstaGC apart from other sites. Working from home and earning money online can sometimes feel so isolating, so it’s nice to have people to chat with and help with stuff. It’s like having a group chat with all of your “coworkers” who get what your day is like.

So if you’ve hit a wall with earning points, check the chat. Ask what other people are doing and get some advice. It never hurts to ask. There are always going to be people with more experience and knowledge who can help you increase your earning potential. And who knows,? You might make some friends in the process!


InstaGC has one of the largest offer walls compared to other GTP sites. There’s pretty much no way to run out of things to do to earn money so you can earn points pretty quickly. And they’re pretty transparent about the fact that it really works. They even have an album with rewards redeemed on their Facebook page. It’s one of the best rewards sites out there and people are using it to earn real money every month. 


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