Survey Junkie - A Legit Swagbucks Alternative

- 4/20/2020
Nowadays, people are looking to earn cash by just filling out surveys. Taking Surveys is an easy way to earn cash and rewards. As a result, many companies have popped up offering people a chance to earn cash doing so. As the name sounds, Survey Junkie is one such company that provides a platform that promises to allow users a chance to maximize the earnings through taking surveys.

But, the question arises, is Survey Junkie of the companies that reliable or trustworthy? This is a valid point to consider, as there are many frauds and scams taking place. So, here we will let you know about Survey Junkie. Furthermore will take a deep look at  Survey Junkie and see how it compares to Swagbucks, which is also very popular for paying users to take surveys itself.

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What is Survey Junkie?

Survey Junkie, an online company based in Glendale, California has been paying its more than 11 million members since 2013. They pay their users to take surveys as well as to test products out. We will discuss earning cash for testing products further below. This survey company is the online research arm of its parent company, DISQO. Basically, Survey Junkie provides an open path for the user to communicate with the brand they love. The users, in turn, are rewarded for filling out the surveys. The rewards vary based on the difficulty of the survey. For example, if a person fills out a long and detailed survey, the reward will be higher than one that takes far less effort.

How To Sign-Up?

Survey Junkie is FREE to join and the process is quite easy. In fact, the process can be broken down into 4 simple steps. Most of which involve completing their QuickStart Checklist. The checklist is a bunch of really simple things you can do to get bonus points quickly after signing up.

1. First, you need to head over to Survey Junkies Sign-Up page. There you will need to enter your email address and create a password. Just for doing this, you will get a $.25 cent bonus upon registering for an account.

2. The easy points don't stop with registering. They give users a 50 points bonus for filling out their profile. This isn't required so you don't have to if you don't want to. But trust me its an easy 50 points that can be earned under a couple of minutes. Not to mention doing so will help you get better and more survey opportunities down the road.

4. Add their extension and they will give 150 points! The extension must be left installed for 30 days.

5. Finish the rest of the QuickStart Checklist. I mean its all really easy tasks that take very little time so why not.

6. Once you have your checklist out of the way its time to start taking surveys. I like to start with the higher-paying surveys and work my way down. With the higher paying surveys, you can make around 10 bucks an hour.

6. You should be able to reach the minimum withdrawal amount of 500 points or $5.00 after taking just a few surveys with your bonus. So why not withdraw that to your Paypal or exchange them for gift cards.

How Survey Junkie is similar to Swagbucks?

Swagbucks is a popular online site that deals with offering rewards and cashback to the users for their online tasks like surveys, videos, etc.

Survey Junkie is similar to Swagbucks in surveys and some other terms.

Firstly, Survey Junkie and Swagbucks conducts surveys of various brands and provides some rewards and savings to the user.

Another similarity they both have a minimum age at which they allow a person to register. Both companies required minimum age is 13 years of age.

How Survey Junkie is different than Swagbucks?

Apart from completing and earning from surveys, Survey Junkie is somehow different than Swagbucks.

Firstly, Survey Junkie does a lot with product testing. Swagbucks has not yet got involved with product testing. More on Product Testing Below.

Secondly, they are available in different nations. Survey Junkie is available in Canada, Australia, United States, and the United Kingdom, while Swagbucks is available in Canada, Ireland, Germany, France, United States, United Kingdom, Australia, and Spain.

The third point is that a person does not have to provide their contact number while for Swagbucks, they have to.

At last, they do not provide any specification on registering of more than one member from your house, while Swagbucks allows more than one member to join.

Another point is that Swagbuck does provide more total earning opportunities than Survey Junkie.

Survey Junkie Product Testing

Besides surveys, you can also earn money on Survey Junkie by Product Testing, Online Focus Group, In-Person Focus Group, and Phone Survey.

Product Testing

The process involves testing products and sharing your opinion about the product.  First, you will take a short survey. Then they will send you a free product which you can keep. Lastly, you will need to take a survey on the product you tested. On top of the free product, you will receive between $5.00 to $50.00.

Online Focus Group 

This will be an online meeting with a group of people at which you will be asked to share your opinion about a product or service. Again first you will need to take a short survey. Then you must agree to a meeting at a set time in the days that follow. More than likely you will need to have a webcam for this. This task will get you anywhere between $25 to $100 bucks.

In-Person Focus Group 

This time around you will be meeting with people in-person and share your opinions about products and services. Again the process starts with a short survey. Then you must attend the in-person meeting at the set date and time given. For this task, you will be earning some between $25 to $150.

Phone Survey

Has you are probably thinking this will be a phone interview about a product or service. Of course, you must first take a short survey to get started. Then a researcher will give you a ring and ask you about a product or service.  For this task, you will be getting between $5 to $100.

For all of these, you will have to give you a phone number to them if you qualify.

What makes Survey Junkie special among all reward sites?

In comparison to other reward sites, Survey Junkie is a reliable and legit survey site. On their platform, a person can earn money with some of the best survey opportunities they get. Survey Junkie is a top-rated survey site on the Trust Pilot with a 5 Star rating. This is likely because they provide an excellent experience for their users. Such as great bonus Interesting surveys, and quick payouts.

Why Survey Junkie is a good alternative to Swagbucks?

Swagbucks and Survey Junkie are both unique and excellent on their own. But both do offer their users a lot of opportunities to make money via surveys. If taking surveys is one of if not the biggest reason you enjoy Swagbucks you are going to feed right at home with Survey Junkie. The company offers a competitive earning opportunity to Swagbucks. They also offer users a unique opportunity to get paid for testing products out. Getting paid for free stuff is right up my alley. It has an accessible and secure navigation system. They allow users to redeem their money via the most desired payment method PayPal. But most importantly it provides their uses with a great overall experience.

If Survey Junkie does not sound like your thing check out our Swagbucks Guide to Maximizing Your Points.

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