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- 4/21/2020
GG2U (short for Good Game to You!) is a rewards program that pays you for playing games, taking surveys, completing offers for advertisers and watching videos. It is a GPT (Get Paid To) website with the main focus being on games. GG2U is well known for being one of if not the highest paying reward site for doing survey offerwall offers.  They claim to give anywhere between 65%-85% payout rates on offers! This is really good when most reward sites only pay 40% to 60% to their users. GG2U pays great rates for videos if that is your thing.

They are also very popular for offering users gaming offers. This works by introducing users to game developers who want to see if players will like their game given a fair chance.

You collect GG2U credits for playing games or doing other tasks offered by the website. When you’ve collected $7 in GG2U credits, you’re able to collect payout to PayPal or Bitcoin. 100 coins are equal to $1.00 US Dollar. Further, you can also use your credits to buy e-gift cards. It was started in 2018 so it’s a newcomer to the market.

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How To Sign-Up?

The process of joining GG2U is FREE and easy. Anyone in the world can join as long as they are 18 or can get permission from their guardian. Just 3 quick steps and you be well on your well to earning is extra cash.

1. Getting started with GG2U starts by registering HERE. You will receive a bonus of $1.00 just for joining the site. All you need to do is enter your name, email, username, password, and choice of your nation.

2. After this, you brought to a page that has a list of easy to complete offers to get you started earning. This can be skipped but the offers are at least worth taking a look at. After this, you will be able to dig in and choose whatever you would like. For instance watching videos, surveys, trails, offerwalls and so on. But you can also choose to do some of their gaming offers as well if that's your thing.

3. Once the status bar at the top of the screen is full your ready to get paid! You will need to earn $6.00 in addition to your $1.00 sign up bonus for a total of $7.00 in order for this to happen.  Your redemption options consist of Paypal Bitcoin and e-gift cards.

What Is Swagbucks?

Swagbucks, is a general-purpose GPT website. They will pay you money to fill out surveys, watch advertiser videos, upload your shopping receipts and much more. Swagbucks also has a section that gives users the option of playing games and earning points. Each Swagbucks points amount to a cent. Further, Swagbucks also has multiple apps that allow you to earn on the go from your phone.

How GG2U is Similar to Swagbucks?

Both reward programs will help you collect some spare cash by doing odd little jobs like filling out surveys, playing new games, watching videos passively, etc. Both of these sites are designed to act as a kind of go-betweens with advertisers and potential costumers. They both have similar expectations form you as a user, and mainly the same pros/cons come attached to both websites.

Swagbucks also has a game playing feature similar to GG2U, so there’s a definite feature set overlap. However, because of Swagbucks’ numerous other offers, the feature tends to get buried by more promising ones.

Both websites are available internationally. Swagbucks used to be offered in just 8 countries but recently it opened itself up internationally, so accessibility should not be a problem for these websites.

Similarly, both websites have a referral program to help you make some extra cash by getting other people on board.

GG2U has a level-up system that rewards consistent use. As you level up you get bonus tokens that you can use to play games and earn cash. So it’s like playing a game. Swagbucks has a very similar feature for rewarding loyalty in the long term. They call it the member recognition program. Oddly enough for both sites, the final level is diamond. This seems to be the case for a lot of reward sites.

How GG2U is different than Swagbucks?

Swagbucks doesn’t have a definite focus, and it allows you to do numerous unrelated and independent things in exchange for Swagbucks points. On the other hand, GG2U has a very specific focus on games. With that being said given the high pay rate of their site they're a great option for anyone. They say on their home page that they are targeted mostly at people who play games, but they do have many members who are not big gamers.

What Makes GG2U Special among all reward sites.

Quite a few things make GG2U special. Firstly they promise a higher pay rate than most other platforms. Secondly, their focus on games, especially if you’re a casual mobile gamer.  Its creators also have a passion for games so they pay special attention to a smooth experience for game players.  Finally, they have a cool feature called silver and gold tokens. For both, you will be spinning a wheel for a chance to win extra cash. Silver will give you $1 to $3 based on chance. Gold will give you $1 to $7 dollars also based on chance. In short, they are fun and they reward gameplay which makes them very special

Why GG2U is a good alternative to Swagbucks.

GG2U is a great new alternative or site to use alongside Swagbucks, especially if you’re a game player. You get to spend your time doing something you’d do anyway, and make some quick cash on the way. They offer one of the highest if not the highest rate for doing making offers especially for watching videos. This is one of the key features that get be using their site. And  I know many others enjoy using the site for the same reason.

If for some reason GG2U does not sound like your thing we still encourage you to check out our Swagbucks Guide to Maximizing Your Points.

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