(Error invalid Domain) Why Can't I Change My Swagbucks Email?

- 4/15/2020

Error invalid Domain

Not being able to change your Swagbucks email is a common issue that is reported to us. To be more specific we are talking about getting the not so self-explanatory invalid domain error. So we decided to share with you guys a recent example of the issue a user sent to us. As well as the response we sent back to help resolve the issue for the user.

Below you will find a question and response a user sent to us. All their personal information, as well as any part of the conversation that didn't involve the question at hand, was removed. 

Quick Summary Of Issue And Solution

In short, the issue is Swagbucks changed the accepted providers they allow. They now ban many popular providers that many users use. They likely did this to prevent spam on their website. So now you can't change your email to some of the hosted by the providers you could have used in the past. In fact, the only provider we know is still for sure accepted is Gmail. 
In this case, the email you're trying to change to is your Paypal address your still ok. What you will have to do is add your Gmail to your Paypal account. Paypal allows up to 5 addresses per account. 
For a full list of confirmed banned and accepted providers Scroll down to the bottom of the post. 
It is possible to get Customer Support to change your email for you but that is quite an involved process. If you are still interested in manually changing your email I recommend taking a look at THIS POST and follow the process I described for the user in the solution below
A quick summary of the issue is above. For more details read over the question and answer previously mentioned below. 

Can't Change Email Question 


I am attempting to change my email from the current [email protected] to [email protected] but the site is telling me that it is an invalid domain, please advise if I have any other options or what to do moving forward.

- Swagbucks User

Can't Change Email Answer

Regarding the error, you are seeing when attempting to change your email. You're seeing this because Swagbucks does not accept emails from that domain protonmail.com. They don't accept emails from many others as well. As a matter of fact, even popular email services such as Outlook.com are not accepted. Not entirely sure why but only this is the case. Your best bet would be to use a Gmail email. In the case you're trying to change your email to one that is associated with your Paypal please remember you can have up to 5 emails associated with Paypal. So you could add your current Swagbucks email to Paypal or a new Gmail one. Now it may be possible to get Swagbucks customer support to manually fix your email for you. However, it can be difficult to get in contact with them. Check out THIS POST we did recently on having issues logging to Swagbucks. Scroll down to the bottom where it says "Contacting Swagbucks Customer Support". There you will find advice on getting in direct contact with Swagbucks Support.

Solution To No Being Able To Change Swagbucks Email 

The issue this particular user was having was due to Swagbucks not accepting email addresses from that specific email provider that they used. In that specific instance, the email provider was ProtonMail which I use my self. So I can completely relate to how this user felt about not being about to use their new email address. This issue started popping up about a year ago when Swagbucks made changes to which providers they accepted. Before that, you could use almost any provider you wanted. In fact, many users with old accounts are now are using emails from now banned providers. This doesn't mean they need to change their email or be banned or anything like that. As long as they don't try to change their email to one of the currently banned providers their email will still continue to work and they will never know anything as changed. This issue will only come up for new users or old users who are trying to switch their provider.

If that is you the best solution to the issue is just to go with a Gmail address.
It seems as if more providers are rejected then accepted after the change. Gmail is the only provider we know for sure is now accepted.

Why Are These Emails No Longer Accepted?

As I informed the user in my response about I am not completely sure. However, after some digging around it appears to be due to spamming. ProtonMail, for example, is oftentimes used as spamming platforms. So much so the team behind ProtoinMail recommends platforms like Swagbucks to just block them. But as I informed the user ProtonMail is not the only well-known email provider that this has affected.

We put together a little list of the known providers that are no longer accepted below.

List of Known Email Providers That Are Not Accepted


List of Known Email Providers That Are Accepted


Hope this helps.

Let us know if you have any other questions regarding changing your Swagbucks Email in the comments below. Also if you know of any providers that are banned and are not on our list we would love to know so we can update our list. But maybe even more important is if any knows of any providers that are accepted besides Gmail please share!

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