Mypoints - A Legit Swagbucks Alternative

- 4/23/2020
Mypoints is a popular rewards program where it’s members accumulate points through certain quick activities and can then exchange these points for gift cards, cash, or even airlane miles. These activities vary greatly but they are all online. You receive points through online purchases from specific retailers, taking surveys, web searches, reading emails, and numerous other ways. After amassing a certain number of points, you can redeem them for a gift card from over 75 retailers or be converted into real money. But the best option has to be redeeming your points for United MileagePlus miles!

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How To Sign-Up?

Signing up for Mypoints is super simple. Just follow these quick 3 steps and you will be well on your way!

1. Getting started with Mypoints starts by registering HERE. This will get you a $10.00 signup bonus if you spend $20 or more within your first 30 days at any merchant via their site. You can All you need to do is enter your name, email, username, password, and choice of your nation. Fill in your email and password and you should be good. But you may be prompted to enter your zip code in order to verify your location. After this process, you will get an email from Mypoints requesting for you to confirm the email you provided.

2. Now your ready to get going and earning some points. Mypoints allows you to jump in and start earning right away. You can watch videos, Shop In-Store, do surveys, shop, read emails, play games, search the web, trial offers, etc.

3. Once you have reached $1.00 or 250 points you are ready to redeem. However, you may want to wait a bit longer until you have at least $3.00 or 480 points.  For every dollar, you redeem at $3.00 or more you pay around 150 to 160 points. So I would not recommend the $1.00 payout unless you just don't want to wait for whatever reason. Plus at $1.00 currently, your only option is Amazon. At $5.00 the most of the redemption options open up to you. But you will have to wait until you have $10.00 or 1,500 points for Paypal and Visa Gift Cards. At $20 or 3,200 points you can redeem United MileagePlus miles! That one is just cool never saw an option for mileage on any other reward site. The 3,200 points get you 1000 miles. 6,900 gets you 2500 miles. Lastly, 13,800 gives you 5000 miles. If you do the math you get your best deal on milage at 2500 miles and above.

How Mypoints is Similar to Swagbucks?

Swagbucks is a similar rewards program where its members accrue points, Swagbucks, to be exchanged later on for money. Mypoints and Swagbucks are both remarkably similar to each other, the top ways to earn points are almost the exact same plus they are owned by the same company.
Both these programs have been remarkably successful with millions of users and members on their websites. They target people interested in earning money from home with relatively easy jobs performing online tasks on their computers. They are both completely free to join and use and offer rewards in a large variety of forms. Both have built up a very solid reputation since they have been around. Both sites have been around a very long time for rewards sites. Mypoints has actually been alive for more than twice the age of Swagbucks. Mypoints has been around 25 years while Swagbucks only being around for 12 years.

Even though these rewards programs offer many attractive features, they also share some undesirable features. The main one being you will not likely earn a living use either site. The tasks may be relatively easy to complete but you can't expect your earnings to pay you bills at the end of the month. By all accounts do not expect to earn a regular income from these sites. That being said both sites can provide their users with some nice side income.

How Mypoints is different than Swagbucks?

Even though Mypoints and Swagbucks are similar in a lot of areas, they also have some stark differences you should note. Mypoints offer fewer points than Swagbucks for some of the same activities but Swagbucks does have a busier interface. Swagbucks’ mobile app is reported to crash more often than it should, not offer all the same tasks that you could do on your computer and the video quality is also a little poor. For comparison, Mypoints’ also has a mobile app that has garnered an average of 4.6 out of 5 stars, while Swagbucks’ garnered 4.1 out of 5 stars.

Another difference is in brand recognition. Swagbucks’ has more members, hence a greater brand recognition. However, Mypoints offers more frequent discounts and promotions than Swagbucks. Mypoints also offers the option of converting their points to airline miles, which Swagbucks does not offer at the moment.

What Makes Mypoints Special among all reward sites.

Mypoints was founded in November 1996, establishing itself as one of the oldest, original cashback and rewards shopping programs still running strong today. It is a very trustworthy company and has an exceptionally large selection of retailers involved. With Mypoints you can earn up to 40% cashback when shopping at certain online retailers, which is quite generous among reward sites. It is also unique in offering airline miles as an option for points-exchange. Mypoints offers many fun surveys to their members and a very favorable email chain called ‘BonusMail’. BonusMail offers more points than most other reward sites for checking their email.  All their members need to do is open and read the email.

Why Mypoints is a good alternative to Swagbucks.

Mypoints is a strong alternative to Swagbucks. If you want a reliable, fun rewards program with a large variety of activities you can do to gain points, Mypoints is a very solid option. They are owned by the same company, Prodege, but still manages to be distinct from each other. For those who like to fly their option of redeeming points for airline miles is really awesome. Making this reward site a great option for those who love to travel but would like to save a little money.

If you like to keep your feet on the ground or for whatever reason and Mypoints does not sound like your thing we still encourage you to check out our Swagbucks Guide to Maximizing Your Points.

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